The Circle Garden

The Circle Garden, a tranquil haven with circular path, seating area, water feature and woodland pockets. Designed by April House – Award Winning Cotswolds Garden Design

The brief was to create an interesting view from the main living room windows, provide extended and additional seating areas, and to introduce a water feature, along with plants and trees that would soften the look and feel of the space surrounded and overlooked by houses, bring in wildlife and thrive in a partially shaded garden. The new layout creates a sightline from the main living room area down to a seating nook with a cubed green oak arbour and babbling bowl flanked by two multistem Hawthorn trees that soften the imposing gable wall. A circular path creates a fluid journey leading from the newly extended terrace down to the seating nook and back up the garden. Previously an awkward sloping garden on heavy clay with boggy turf in winter, the addition of a self-binding gravel path works naturally with the slope and helps ameliorate the damp ground in winter. Wildflower turf wraps around the path and will add height, colour, texture, movement and wildlife as well as providing a lower maintenance option for the client. Pockets of woodland type planting attractive to pollinators and birds will eventually fill out to provide a green and tranquil haven.

Master Layout Plan
Planting Plan

How much did it cost to build this garden?

To include design, landscaping, materials and plants, the cost of this project was around £25,000. Note that the client’s budget did not allow for terracing the slope, which would have totalled to around £40,000.

Client Testimonial

Garden designed, built and planted in a very friendly, professional and efficient manner. I cannot praise Emily enough for her time and attention to detail and, as a result, I am absolutely delighted with what she has achieved.

Garden Design Photos Before and After

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