The Screening Garden

The Screening Garden, a garden design for screening solutions, featuring garden room, screening planting, lawn, circular pathway, borders, sun spot and seating. Designed by April House – Award Winning Cotswolds Garden Design

Designing a garden that screens from neighbouring houses

Garden design features: garden room, screening planting, lawn, circular pathway, borders, sun spot, seating

A partial redesign for a garden with existing mature planting and a new garden room. Our clients asked for a design with screening solutions and extra seating for that all important sweet spot in the sun at the end of the day. The new design brings shape and flow to the space, connecting the house and garden room via a circular pathway around the family lawn and onto a sandstone circle terrace. A new border to the left of the garden provides opportunity for new trees and shrubs screening the office and seating area from neighbouring windows.

Master Layout Plan
Planting Plan
Emily helped us transform our garden with her thoughtful design and great landscaping contacts. We now have bigger borders and a new seating area and as if by magic our garden looks much bigger. This optical illusion of size is however due to Emily's expertise.

How much should you budget for this garden?

This partial redesign cost the client £15,000 including design and landscaping.

Before and After

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